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Open-plan offices are wonderfully spacious, but they lack a lot of privacy. Thankfully, we solve this with our collaborative furniture. We have many products that can be used to improve office collaboration. You can install them throughout your office, creating little private areas for people to work in relaxed and formal space. 

The products we have can be used for occasional meetings, video conferences, two-person meetings, Four or Six-person meetings, and even brainstorming sessions.  In effect, you can use them however you want! Our collaborative furniture varies in design as well, so you can choose from some of these options: 

  • Collaboration lounge chairs
  • staging seated systems
  • Two-person quiet pods
  • One-person quiet pods
  • Enclosed sofas
  • Booths
  • Surround sofas
  • Work Pods

We can offer a comprehensive range of products for todays agile office spaces, especially with social distancing in mind.  


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