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Hand Sanitiser Digital Display Unit

Hand Sanitising Digital Signage In areas where hygiene is key, these displays are ideal. They combine a hand sanitising station with a versatile Digital Signage solution.

Inform and Advertise The units can be used to inform visitors about hygiene & wayfinding as well as promote or advertise at the same time, meaning they can earn revenue for your business.

Contactless Usage These displays come with a network upgrade and 1 year free subscription as standard so can be updated from our online CMS portal. They feature no external buttons or controls and have an automated on/off power timer to minimise contact following installation.

Online Content System Using our user-friendly cost-effective software solution you can combine multiple media zones (images, videos, webpages etc.), social media feeds, scrolling text and RSS feeds for latest news.

24/7 Usage Robust Steel Enclosure This solution features a full metal enclosure making it perfect for any  commercial or public environment, especially in locations where impact is a concern.

Optional Stand Available The display can be wall mounted as standard or mounted onto a stylish floor stand, for easy portability. The modern stand also features an illuminated blue LED strip.


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